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? Flight Musak – Doelow – Going Uppy?
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“We also got Sun ???tile Pluto, opportunities to transform your views and actions. So we all gonna have opportunities to transform our views and actions about shit too, you know what I am saying. So, we’re going to start looking at the world like, wait a minute, the world ain’t really how I’m thinking… and the way I’m thinking is this really get me bullshit results, and the thing that I’m thinking how other people might think about it, ain’t even what it is.

So let me just stop being ??????? out. That’s like the energy we’re all in right now is going to make us go for our passions, and make us go for our passions and make us accept our mistakes without being too hard on ourselves… because we have to realize we’re in a demonic ass world. You think the motherfucker that’s next to you ain’t did something ten times worse?
That you just might not know about? Shit, you must be lost!
Do you remember what world you in?

Y’all better stop being hard on y’all down there. All that do is waste time. You done waste about 10, 20, about 5 hours of the day wasting time on looking down on yourself about something that the next person then come up out of… and these will be the people you look at, like these people must be the goodest people ain’t did nothing in their world or some shit like that, yeah fucking right!!! They just came to a conclusion of accepting that bullshit a lot faster than you… and you just a lot harder on yourself.

Other than that, that’s all God wants you to do.
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That’s all God wants you to do… and then you will be the person that other people look at and be like, damn, this person must be holier than a tho. Nothing do holier than thou.

God just seened that, that person went through that internal mission and said ???? ??!!!..”

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