Black Love Is… #OurWeddingSong

black love is king queen yin yang devotion missrebeljewel missrebel rebeljewel rebel jewel

My future partner and I will be a team. A tag team.

When he hits them high, I will hit them low.

We will co-create. We will make heaven on earth for each other. 

We will align. We will help each other evolve.

We will comfortable and compatible with each other. He will feel like home.

Even when I am by myself, I will never feel alone. His spirit surrounds me.

He sees my vision and expands on it. He keeps me focused. He keeps me hopeful. He teaches me to love myself first.

My standards and expectations won’t have to be lowered so that I can relate to him.

We will work together for the greater good. We will walk our destined paths and serve our divine purpose.

Surrendering, compromising and being submissive will never feel oppressive.

My future with him is abundant and bright, as I manifested him.

I will be his Yang, he is my Yin.

He will be my King and I will be his Queen.


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