As it’s thrown around like confetti, no other race of people take such pleasure in using a word that was use to degrade them. The twisted part, they use that word to degrade each other.

People must watch our madness and just shake their heads in confusion. One observation that truly breaks my heart is the influx of Jamaican, African and UK Music Artists who now follow in the footsteps of their American counterparts. Casually spitting the N word on their tracks… Here, there and every f**king where. YUCK!!!

I get it guys, America is cool. They are the trendsetters. Their music sells and you want your music to sell too.. However you really do not need to sell yourselves short. You already have an amazing sound, you don’t need follow fashion – it will be to our own downfall, trust me!

Nas is without doubt one of my favourite rappers. Many years ago, I listened to the Untitled Album, and as he broke down the N word, I understood what he meant – then!  Who hasn’t made a few, or a lot, of mistakes through out their lives? I have forgiven myself for mines. For the times, I was less aware and didn’t know much better. Look, I am still messing up now. Nonetheless, when I recognise I am going wrong, I will invest in self improvement. Those who know better, do better.

As I got older, I got wiser.

No longer finding  the N word cute, a term of endearment, and I am quite disappointed in the ridiculous amount of times Nas uses it in his new album – King’s Disease II. The over usage really takes away from the powerful messages that he has in every song. I found myself cringing often.

We get it Nas, you are hood. You want to appeal to your demographic, appeal to the masses – included other races, who we are now teaching that this word is perfectly acceptable – when it is not! You are in a such grand position, with incredible unique powers, holding such a magnificent gift, which you do use quite often to empower, educate and uplift others…. so why burden us with the over-saturation of this word? I am baffled. 

We are quite comfortably calling each other gurrrl, bitch, hoe, slut… but if I say King and Queen, it’s a problem. Which one of these words really dulls a person and which one leave them feeling inspired? 

I now speak to the women. Is this what we want to co-sign? We want to be respected but we have no problems upholding certain parts of our culture that directly impacts us in a negative way. 

You think a *insert N word here* is going to treat you like a Queen and remember this is what he is told he is, all day, everyday – in addition to hearing women being referred to all the forementioned words. 

call us by our names rebeljewel african black kings queens missrebeljewel rebel jewel

What are our true motivations here? 

Don’t f**k around and call me out my name… I promise you, I match disrespect! ?

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