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My Buy Black Year

It can’t always be a big spend or even financial – but hey I’m trying to back my chat and support how I can.

#RespectMyEnergy #blackbusinessmatters #blackeconomymatters

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Black Love Is… #OurWeddingSong

My future partner and I will be a team. A tag team.

When he hits them high, I will hit them low.

We will co-create. We will make heaven on earth for each other. 

We will align. We will help each other evolve.

We will comfortable and compatible with each other. He will feel like home.

Even when I am by myself, I will never feel alone. His spirit surrounds me.

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WonderWhipps Handcrafted Skincare Products

WonderWhipps beautifully handcrafted and natural skincare products.

Body butters, sugar scrubs, bars and more…



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Ain’t Nothing Like Black Love By

Photos by

Modelled by Queen Melissa

🌍Website: – Inspirational and motivational clothing 


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