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Ankara Textile Hair Bonnets – Available Now

One of my many aims in life is to be able to support small businesses in Africa, I am slowly but surely doing it.

In partnership with The Afrocentrics, whose motto is Bringing African Fashion to world, I have managed to source a few Handmade Ankara Textile Hair Bonnets from the designer, OW Couture. 

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fridge magnets lil miss rebel afro hair education affirmations adinkra symbols sankofa gye nyame duafe

Sankofa, Duafe and Gye Nyame.
A Short Break Down of Lil Miss Rebel’s Fridge Magnets.

A couple years ago, I had artwork done for Little Miss Rebel. I loved her. She was fierce. She was sassy. She was proud of her big fro… but with further thought, I realised she was just too glam for a kid.

So it was time for Little Miss Rebel to have a make-down.

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My Hoodie from The Afrocentrics (

The Afrocentrics is your one-stop hub for the most elegant African Fashion, creative Fashion Designers, and the most talented/beautiful Fashion Models, showcasing the depth of African beauty, talent and creativity.

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Call Us By Own Names

Kings and Queens status – the N word is not empowering. I do not understand why anyone thinks it is okay for it to be used. Learn your history

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Black Store House Rocking Rebel Jewel Original Design

Assisting up-and-coming brands with the tools and resources to refine and enhance their marketing methods and customer interactions.

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Featured Images DNA Results

My Ancestral DNA Results.
Ancestry vs MyHeritage vs FamilyTreeDNA vs GEDMatch

Peace and blessings to you all! If you have some time, patience and will power, please stay here for a while and read with me. It might seem long and tedious at first, but I promise, you will get through it… relatively pain free!   So what’s this post about? Well… I have been obsessed […]

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