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fridge magnets lil miss rebel afro hair education affirmations adinkra symbols sankofa gye nyame duafe

Sankofa, Duafe and Gye Nyame.
A Short Break Down of Lil Miss Rebel’s Fridge Magnets.

A couple years ago, I had artwork done for Little Miss Rebel. I loved her. She was fierce. She was sassy. She was proud of her big fro… but with further thought, I realised she was just too glam for a kid.

So it was time for Little Miss Rebel to have a make-down.

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I love my afro hair unapologetically missrebeljewel rebeljewel rebel jewel

I Love My Afro Hair – Unapologetically

You can not and will not make me hate myself. My afro hair is part of me. It’s my pride and joy.

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imaratherapy honestly vegan creations by miss lee melanin que chef writer aromatherapy black business queens rebeljewel missrebeljewel rebel jewel history month 2021

Women Support Women – Women’s History Month

Chef, hair care and writer – / IG@HonestlyVegan2019

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skiies the limit skiiesthelimit financial literacy flash learning cards etsy store shop rebeljewel rebel jewel missrebeljewel

Financial Literacy Cards – Etsy: www.SkiiesTheLimit

These Beautiful plastic flashcards are so easy to use. Plastic sealed, so easy to clean. There’s a whole lot here for us to learn. Suitable for all ages. I love it ❤️👸🏾👸🏾

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the afrocentrics dafrocentrics african fashion hub designers hoodie dress women rebeljewel missrebeljewel rebel jewel

My Hoodie from The Afrocentrics (

The Afrocentrics is your one-stop hub for the most elegant African Fashion, creative Fashion Designers, and the most talented/beautiful Fashion Models, showcasing the depth of African beauty, talent and creativity.

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Rebels trendsetters Achievers CREATORS Dreamers Educators Innovators Inspirators LEADERS Lightworkers Originators Readers Speakers Thinkers TRUTH SEEKERS Writers Agitators

Are You A Rebel? #TrendSetters

Are you a rebel? New Blog Post by A unique video for my creators, teachers, motivators and inspirators

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black men business kings chefsthatlift singer chef photographer missrebeljewel rebel jewel rebeljewel.jpg

Appreciation for Black Men Businesses By Rebel Jewel

This short video in no way represents all the #Kings doing their thing.
We see you. We appreciate you. We are proud.

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time of the month care packages period pads tampons incense candles menstruation missrebeljewel rebel jewel rebeljewel

Time Of The Month Care Packages LTD

Self care is important always but even more so when you’re on your period.
We make products to make you feel good!

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