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Kheisha of

“Kheisha Reid is a Certified Life Coach with a Bachelors in Group Therapy. She has been a career coach for 10 years.”

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MsRebelJewel YouTube Channel –

MsRebelJewel YouTube Channel – – Subscribe to my channel, press the bell notification and watch couple of videos.

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Meet The Lil Family

So who are The Lil Family? Not only are they repeat customers of mine, but they have been cheering me on since day one- loudly and proudly. I am writing this blog post in appreciation of them, to say THANK YOU!

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seductionspot seduction spot love romance adult toys self love self love

Self Love Seduction Spot – For adults who like adulting 😊
18+ Only.

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Sea Life Great Yarmouth. Shark Aquarium.

My last mini holiday was 2019 and that was right here in the UK – Great Yarmouth.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. Here is a short video of the Shark Aquarium at the Sea Life.

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I love my afro hair unapologetically missrebeljewel rebeljewel rebel jewel

Love Afro Hair Unapologetically

You can not and will not make me hate myself. My afro hair is part of me. It’s my pride and joy.

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Support Women Businesses imaratherapy honestly vegan creations by miss lee melanin que chef writer aromatherapy black business queens rebeljewel missrebeljewel rebel jewel history month 2021

Women Support Women Businesses.

Women support women. Thank you to all my customers and support!

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Financial Literacy Cards. Etsy: www.SkiiesTheLimit

These Beautiful plastic flashcards are so easy to use. Plastic sealed, so easy to clean. There’s a whole lot here for us to learn. Suitable for all ages. I love it β€οΈπŸ‘ΈπŸΎπŸ‘ΈπŸΎ

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