Fruits and Roots Ital Juice

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Fruits and Roots Ital Juice


Fruits and Roots Ital Juice. Pure #Natural Fruit Juice🍍

I managed to get my hands on the ginger flavour and ooooh weeeee it was the real deal 🔥

Pack full of flavour and the #nutritional goodness that our bodies need 🤩

I’m going to get the 24 pack box next time 🤸🏿‍♀️

▪️UK Based.

Show some support.  #UKBlackbusiness 

Appreciation for Men Businesses












I’m a writer of poem and music, and also true story writing, and a natural energy person, and a lover of music, also the founder of this #brand11Star





Black Marvels – T-shirts & Hoodies

Black Marvels Brand is design to uplift and and restore confidence in the African American Culture.


BLKMailTV – Digital creator

LSG | Lifestyle. Love + Support = Growth



Chefs That Lift – Apparel, food blogger, executive chef, powerlifter and video creator

ServSafe Mgmt certified. Certified CC and CEC.




Jamaica Baby Official – Full Time Hustlrr™ ▪️ Music Producer ▪️ Maroon Farmer ▪️ Educator




Khelony Media – Photographer & videographer

YouTube Channel:



L’erin Gaines – 411 Podcaster

📲 TEXT ME (609) 738-0611



Legacy Roots – Entrepreneur



OBI NSB – Artist


Email: #scarsmadeus



Soft Like Me – Ethical Skincare

🏜 🌿🧘🏾‍♂️🧘🏽‍♀️
Low-waste, Fair-Trade Body Butters and #Selfcare



🤵🏾Val B, M.S. – Dating and Relationship Adviser

I help Millennials & Gen Z establish healthy Dating & Relationship lives they desire👑
📲DM/email to book a session



Appreciation for Men Businesses



Men Statement Rebel Wear.

A range of unique apparel designed for men. Rebel clothing for men.

Clothes and manners do not make the man; but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance.” 

Rebel Jewel’s Men clothing wants you to make a statement and express yourself unapologetically. 

Firstly, Hey you and thank you for stopping by. My name is Rochelle and welcome to my website and blog.

Secondly, who am I and what am I about?

As a matter of fact, I am a proud Jamaican-British-African (It’s a thing). Born in Jamaican, raised in the UK and I am of African heritage.
Afro hair warrior. Our natural hair is beautiful and I will promote it and all glory as much as I can, wherever I can.
African empowerment. Do I need to explain this one? Study your history.  
Challenging the status quo. I don’t like being put into boxes unless I put myself in there. I mean we all have to “fit in” somewhere right?…and I certainly don’t like being told who I should or should not be and how I should or not be being. It makes sense to me.

Expressing my individuality as much as any person can. It goes without saying. I am me. Not you!

Handmade enthusiast. Handcrafted is love. Love is all we need – so they say!

Significantly, I am learning and re-learning whenever I can.

Making a statement. With my earrings, fashion, style and beautiful spirit. 

Women’s rights- call me a feminist if you want to, it does not offend me. I am a woman and I stand by us.

Men Statement Rebel Wear by

Rebel Jewel Clothing Fashion On Instagram


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