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“Vaginal steaming is an ancient self-care ritual to help promote a healthy reproductive system, tones the uterus & supports healthy circulation & hormones.

The feminine herbs are selected specifically to support cervical, uterine and overall vaginal health.

This steam is supportive to women who want to either optimize their yoni health, or to help alleviate issues such as painful menses, PCOS, and other feminine challenges.

We love bringing back ancestral practices that enrich the body and soul.

Yoni steams are the ultimate at home luxury self care practice that you can add to your routine. So you may be asking, what is a yoni steam? A yoni steam is the practice of using natural herbs that are placed in boiling water, as the herbs are boiled they emit their oils into the steam which as you guessed it, goes into and on your yoni. This practice has been enjoyed by many for years. Each package will have enough yoni herbs for 1-2 or 3-4 steams.

Garden of Self  products are 100% natural herbs from natural sources. Free from any chemicals, preservatives, fragrances, additives or dyes.”

A big thank you to Master Herbalist Garden of Self for my yoni steam and soap.

I am yet to use it yet as I am waiting until closer to the start of my cycle but I am looking forward to it.

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