Interesting Books For You To Read During Lockdown

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I have long been a fan of and advocate for reading. My youngest memories include me laying on my stomach, feet kicking in the air, as I find enjoyment in my latest book.

Reading is one of the greatest educational tools.  It opens us up to worlds that we can only – and can not – imagine.

Amazing Africa Book Country By Country

This post consist of a few books that I wanted to share with you. These are books that I have enjoyed reading – or looking at the pictures, and hopefully, you will take delight in them too.

I will keep adding to this list as time goes on



Rumpelstiltskin, first published in 1964, is part of the enduringly popular Well-Loved Tales fairy tales series from Ladybird. Even today, this book is still beloved by adults and children alike.

The Three Little Pigs

First published in 1965, this beautiful book has been specially re-released to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Ladybird Books in 2015. Originally written by Vera Southgate and beautifully illustrated by Robert Lumley


A beautiful old-fashioned and vintage fairy tale that was first published in 1968. This is a wonderful classic that needs to be in everyone’s collection – the perfect family read.

The Friends

A powerful and award-winning novel about friendship. Phyllisia Cathy is fourteen and her problems are overwhelming. The life she has in New York, after she left her sunlit West Indies island, is cold, cruel and filthy.


Ruby is the older sister of Phyllisia, who was the protagonist of Rosa Guy’s Prior Book – The Friends. Ruby has her strengths but is very instinctual, innocent and not prone to thinking things all the way through.

Edith Jackson

Edith Jackson has raised her younger sisters single-handed for the last three years. Now she has turned 17 and is determined to make a career for herself but she is met with many setbacks along the way.

April Fools
On the way home from a forbidden April Fool’s party, Belinda and her friends witness a terrible accident.
There appears to be no survivors & the friends vow to never admit they were there.
That’s when the sick pranks begin and Belinda must discover the truth to save their lives!
Teacher’s Pet

When Kate, an aspiring horror writer, is offered a spot at an exclusive writing conference, she jumps at the chance to go. After all, it is being taught by William Drewe, the master of horror himself!

Freeze Tag

When Meghan and West plays Freeze Tag with Lannie, it is no ordinary game. You see, when Lannie tags someone, they really freeze. Icy blue and cold. Death!

Beach House

As a group of teenagers enjoy the sun, sea and surf at the beach, a killer who never leaves a clue and who disappears without a trace… stalks them one by one!


F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way

F**k It is the book that has taken the world by storm, It has helped countless people to let go, stop struggling and finally do what they want do, to ignore what everyone else is telling them and go their own way, without fear of judgement

Walk With Wings

Walk With Wings by Tene Edwards is a poetry collection split into five chapters: Monsoon Love, Winter Sorrow, Autumn Grace, Spring Resilient, and Summer Freedom. One of my favourite and most relatable authors.

The K.I.S.S. Guide
Kama Sutra

Discover the Kama Sutra – why it was written, and for whom, and how it came to be known.

Learn the importance of sensual touches and kissing and how these can lead to the ultimate lovemaking.

Ethnic Jewellery
From Africa, Asia and Pacific Islands

The Van der Star collection of beautiful ethnic jewellery is unique, both in size and quality. This book brings together masterpieces from Africa, the Arab World, India, Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Selected Writings and Speeches
Marcus Garvey

A controversial figure in the history of race relations around the world, Jamaican born Marcus Garvey amazed his enemies as much as he dazzled his admirers.

The Houseplant Handbook
Basic Growing Techniques

Grow a gorgeous garden inside! Houseplants bring life and colour to any room and with the right care you can successfully cultivate everything from succulents to foliage to flowers and fruit.

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be true to yourself!

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