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“Kheisha Reid is a Certified Life Coach with a Bachelors in Group Therapy. She has been a career coach for 10 years. She facilitated groups in prison, wrote action plans and provided resources for inmates as they released from prison.

Kheisha later expanded her knowledge in esoteric knowledge, cosmology, and astrology. Using her Cosmic BluePrint (Birth Chart) Kheisha took her 10 years of knowledge as a Career Coach and fused that with Astrology to create A Way of Lyfe, LLC.

Kheisha mission is to help people see that they don’t have to live in the box that was given to them. They can create their own path. This platform was created to welcome all ready to grow and learn with like minded people.”

EDUCATION: Associates, Counseling, Bachelors and Drama Therapy.

CREDENTIALS: Certification, Life Coach, Addiction Facilitator and Astrology Apprenticeship Program.

Excerpt from Kheisha’s blog about the Leo Full Moon

“Full moons are a time to end something, acknowledge something, or readjust something. The moon is our emotions what are our needs and how do we express that to the collective. Aquarius in Jupiter is Joy. Aquarius is forward movement, forward thinking, technology, and groups.

Leo is a royal sign. Its ruled by the sun. Leo wants to inspire by stepping on the world stage and being courageous, creative, and performing. You will feel alive! When you love yourself. That is living and it’s contagious. Jupiter will expand this feeling.

You’re learning to fall in love with your life. How to own who we are, and claim your happiness. Leo is an individual sense of being. In the Age of Aquarius with the stellium of planets in Aquarius is freedom. We are setting ourselves free and will be expressing that on the world stage. We have gained some wisdom in some area life that we are being called to give back in some way. The shadow side of Jupiter is our outed beliefs. The shadow side of Leo is ego. Ego doesn’t trust the goodness of life and doesn’t want to help. The ego is being exposed. The ego wants to separate each other or keep you lesser than someone else. We will be saying no to a lot of things that don’t align with what we’ve learned. We are saying yes to our internal soul compass.”

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