Statement Charms For Bracelets and Jewellery Making. 

Charms pack, Pendants for necklaces, Afro charms, Africa charms, Ankh charms. Bronze charms, Crab charms, Silver animal charms, Silver bee charms. Dad charms, Goddess charms, Gold charms, Hair charms, Hamsa charms, Heart charms, Lion charms, Lotus charms, Mom Charms, Mother charms, Mum charms.

“Give your full heart to whatever you do”

Rebel Jewel’s Unique Products and Designs are all about making a statement and expressing yourself unapologetically too. 

Firstly, Hey you and thank you for stopping by. My name is Rochelle and welcome to my website and blog.

Secondly, who am I and what am I about?

As a matter of fact, I am a proud Jamaican-British-African (It’s a thing). Born in Jamaican, raised in the UK and I am of African heritage.
Challenging the status quo. I don’t like being put into boxes unless I put myself in there. I mean we all have to “fit in” somewhere right?…and I certainly don’t like being told who I should or should not be and how I should or not be being. It makes sense to me.

Expressing my individuality as much as any person can. It goes without saying. I am me. Not you!

Handmade enthusiast. Handcrafted is love. Love is all we need – so they say!

Significantly, I am learning and re-learning whenever I can.

Statement Charms For Bracelets and Jewellery Making by

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