Blue Face Graffiti Earrings


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Blue Face Graffiti Earrings.

  • 6cm diameter.
  • 2.5mm thick.
  • Painted on raw wood.
  • Design on both sides.


Blue Face Graffiti Earrings.

  • 6cm diameter
  • 2.5mm thick
  • Design on both sides

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I love taking photos. Selfies of me. Photos in charity shops. Completely invading animals privacy and taking photos of the strange things they seem to love to do. Pictures of quirky, weird and interesting things – at least to me.

No matter whether I am walking, travelling on a coach or flying in a plane, there will always be something that catches my eye… and this is how my street art collection was born.

As I scrolled through my camera roll one day and I saw pictures on top of pictures of street art photos that I had taken… and an idea sparked!

No, no! Let me back it up. It was actually first sparked by a comment made on the Love Graffiti earrings on Instagram. I thought to myself “oooooh I could actually do my own graffiti designs”. At this point, I was already doing some simple designs of my own. This would have been a great opportunity for me to get more creative.

However, I had forgotten about it, until I was going through my pictures again this year. I finally went through with what I had set out to do and here we are.
My Street Art collection Earrings.

We can have wearable art.
Express yourself – unapologetically! If you really want to stand out, then check out the matching apparel to the street art earrings, you will love it. Unique and rebellious wear for the rebel in you!

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