Mini Ankh Metal Charms. Pack of 50. Bronze or Silver Colour.

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Mini Ankh Metal Charms.

  • Pack of 50
  • Ankh charms
  • Bronze or silver colour available
  • 16mm x 6mm
  • Made from metal alloy

Mini Ankh Metal Charms.

  • Pack of 50 Mini Ankh charms

  • Bronze or silver colour available

  • 16mm x 6mm

  • Made from metal alloy

Ankh, Egyptian Symbol Of Life. Also known as the Key of Life. It represents feminine and masculine energy. I would say it is my favourite symbol.

Illustrating the path of the Sun and symbolises eternal life. 

It is popular in Egyptian art and hieroglyphic writings.

The Ankh is a cross symbol with a teardrop loop at the top. Its origins are difficult to trace and are still unknown.

” The Ankh symbol.  Known as the key of life. Some call it the key of the Nile.  Above all, this symbol represents eternal life in Ancient Egypt. Africans were thought to have created it. The first cross could have been the Ankh too.

Often seen in the hands of important Egyptian figures, such as Pharaohs and Kings. In the event that, it was preserving their immortality. Commonly depicted in temples and the grasp of major Egyptian gods such as Osiris, Isis, and Ra.

Surprisingly, it could have physical connotations too. Water, air, and the sun. Elements that provided and preserved life in Ancient Egyptian culture.

Additionally, Ankhs were traditionally placed in sarcophagi to ensure life after death. The symbol is a widely known hieroglyph. Its origins are somewhat unclear. It shows similarities to the Knot of Isis

Moreover, other theories claim that the Ankh could signify the cohesion of heaven and earth. Interlinking male and female symbols or ceremonial girdles.”


In conclusion, the Ankh is a phenomenal symbol, with so much depth and meaning behind it.

The artist formerly known as Prince is a very similar iconic symbol. The Love Symbol!

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Ankh, Egyptian Symbol Of Life.

Rebel Jewel Ankh Collection.

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