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“Off top, Social Media for the entrepreneur can be OVERWHELMING! We have to be “on” at all times. Like this, share this, engage here… And let’s not even discuss the dreaded Algorithm. It’s so tricky!

We want to teach you how to change your strategy, so that the Algorithm works in YOUR favor. We offer 1:1 sessions, brand audits, and self-paced training downloads to watch at your leisure.

Here, you’ll learn exactly how to put the ‘Social’ back into Social Media. Your conversions will thank you for it.”

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❤️Assisting up-and-coming brands with the tools and resources to refine and enhance their marketing methods and customer interactions.

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Original Design Unapologetic Earrings from Rebel Jewel



Original Black Love Design Earrings from Rebel Jewel



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MissRebel Street Art Collection – How did it start?

Firstly, I love taking photos.  A lot of us does….right? I like taking selfies of myself. Photos in charity shops. Completely invading animals privacy and taking photos of the strange things they seem to love to do. Photos of quirky, weird and interesting things – at least to me.

No matter whether I am walking, travelling on a coach or flying in a plane, there will always be something that catches my eye… and this is how my street art collection was born.

Secondly, as I scrolled through my camera roll one day and I saw pictures on top of pictures of street art photos that I had taken… and an idea sparked! No, no, no! Let me back it up. It was actually first sparked by a comment someone had made on the Love Graffiti earrings on Instagram, and I thought to myself “oooooh I could actually do my own graffiti designs”.

At this point, I was already doing some simple designs of my own and this would have been a great opportunity for me to be even more creative.

However, I had forgotten about it, until I was going through my pictures again this year and… here we are! My MissRebel Street Art collection.

Photos taken by me and brought to life, so we can have wearable art. Earrings, clothing and accessories.
Express yourself – unapologetically!

Artsy, unique and rebellious for the rebel in you!

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