Solo Flair Rocking Rebel Jewel Earrings – Well Damn!

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I appreciate every single one of my customers. I appreciate every ounce of support I get. Let’s be honest, as much as earrings, jewellery and the such feels good… no one NEEDS them, especially in a lockdown. A lot of people have more pressing things to spend their money on. For this reason alone, when someone reaches into their purse, so to speak, and spend their hard earned money with me, I am highly grateful.

Giving and receiving support is special. Life will never change me into someone who has an entitled mentality. Have I lost my way at times? Yes! Fortunately, the Universe always finds a way to ground me again.

No one owes me a thing. When others use their time, their precious energy and life currency, that they can never get back, ON ME!!!… I feel fortunate. I feel blessed.

Gratitude and I bow down humbly to those that came a distance with me and now we have parted ways, those that are still with me and those yet to come.

I say all that to say… THANK YOU Marsha of Solo Flair for supporting me on my Rebel Jewel journey. Sometimes, the road is rocky but it is Queens such as yourself that makes it feel smooth again. 

Marsha B is a Bespoke Fashion Designer that hand makes the most incredible fashion and has an amazing ability of upcycling old clothes into something new and trendy. Her spirit is light and fun and if you ever get the chance, do check out her instagram page, I love it, so will you!

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