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If you follow me on my main social media page, then you should know who one of my favourite persons is – without apology.  Without a doubt, Sophie is one of the most genuine, friendly, caring, fiery (I said what I said ?), informative and knowledgeable Queens that you will ever meet. I feel so privilege to have met her. Sis has shown so much love to my family and I since I have met her. Of course, as with all friendship, there was some ups and downs but with the test of time, our relationship has come out stronger than ever.

I just want to give a big thank you to Sophie for her friendship, her excellent customer service. Sis didn’t skimp on the professionalism, just because we were friends. The transaction was easy. Fast dispatch and delivery. I ask a bunch of questions and received great aftercare. ?❤????

Get your hands on your own derma roller.

Contact Sophie:

IG: @SophieKDavis1



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The Derma Roller Dealer – Sophie K Davis

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