Thompson’s Total Wellness LLC.

Mrs Thompson, the founder and CEO is dedicating her life to bringing organic herbal products and remedies. Are you ready to make a lifestyle change?

“Our health is wealth, peace, love and balance”

Thompson’s Total Wellness LLC provides:

✨ An organic line of herbs and roots ✨ Wildcrafted & organic fruit infused sea moss (gel) ✨ Whipped body kinds of butter

✨ Black seeds ✨ Spirulina powder ✨ Traditional Chinese medicine ✨ A variety of sea algae

✨ Frankincense gums ✨ Resins ✨ Incense ✨ Palo Santo sticks ✨ Florida Water

✨ All natural herbal infused feminine hygiene products ✨ Free Health Assessments ✨ Customizable Meal Plans

✨ Holistic Counseling & Support to Achieve Optimum Health ✨ …AND SO MUCH MORE!




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We Buy Black!

What is WeBuyBlack? It is a global marketplace for black-owned businesses. It is a movement to see social and economical justice globally.

Excerpt from WeBuyBlack’s blog

“When you hear the word Kush, what comes to mind? Well the owner of Kush Roots, wants you to think of a majestic ancient African kingdom. He wants you to envision royalty and beauty. Most importantly, he wants you to think of his clothing brand that he created to honor all of the above.

“I named the company Kush because I’m somebody who loves the story of the continent,” said owner Davide Tanzi. “One of the first civilizations in Africa and in the world is Kemet and Kush. So the brand is honoring that.”

The brand sells striking hoodies, tees, joggers, and more emblazoned with designs like the Kush Roots logo, the continent of Africa, and empowering phrases about African heritage in dazzling colorways. There is also a wide range of hats, socks, bags, and other accessories to choose from.

As a brand, Kush Roots seeks to empower, inspire, spread knowledge, wisdom, and pride to Black people across the planet. This desire to inspire others to take pride in their heritage and roots stems from Tanzi’s own journey.”


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